Thanks for visiting my website to learn more about my practice. I love helping people gain the peace of mind that comes from putting a proper plan in place. I know that there are a lot of estate planners out there and that you have a choice about who you decide to work with. If you are serious about getting your plan done, and willing to commit time and focus to make that happen, I would be honored to work with you as a new client.

Here's why I require your up-front commitment: peace of mind only comes from a COMPLETED plan. 

Everyone in this valley is busy. I get that. If you've gotten this far, you know that having an estate plan in place is important to the people that you love the most. So don't just start the process, finish it!

We will try and get as much done at possible at our first meeting. I will schedule a follow up phone call two weeks after that to confirm your decisions and fill in any missing information. I will send you summary documents to review. At that point, we will schedule a signing meeting for you to complete your plan.  If you don't sign your plan after 6 months, I will bill you on an hourly basis for all additional work required to get your plan done, in addition to the Flat Fee that we've agreed on (and that you have paid in full upon signing the Engagement Letter). Six months is plenty of time to do your plan right, as long as you commit to the process, focus on the plan, and make it a priority. In return, I limit the number of new clients that I will work with at any given time so that you will get my full attention during the process.

Why do I require your commitment? Because, after more than 20 years as an estate planner, I've seen too many clients fail to finish what they've started. Starting is great, but finishing is the only thing that matters.

I do my best to offer you personal and empowering estate planning and trust administration. I will do my best to make your experience pleasant, convenient, and efficient. I don't however, do any trust and estates litigation or work with families in conflict.

Here's how I approach my practice:

Your experience will be pleasant because your wishes will be respected, your concerns will be listened to, I will structure the whole experience so that you can think through the important issues and get well-informed answers to all of your questions, promptly and without making you feel insecure or misinformed, or over-charged.

Your experience will be convenient because I offer Flat Fee pricing and will work with you to provide you with all of the relevant information to consider and confirm.

Your experience will be efficient because I provide you with all of the tools you'll need to educate yourself about the estate planning on this website, I provide you with a questionnaire to gather all of the essential information that I'll need during our first meeting (and after), and I have streamlined and organized the drafting, review, and execution stage of the process to make it simple for you. When you are done, you'll get a signed original of each document and a thumbdrive with pdf's of all of your executed documents for digital storage.

To get started, click on the Getting Started tab at the top of the page to download an introductory packet and questionnaire, click on the Make an Appointment tab to learn how to do just that, and click on the FAQ to learn more about how I will work with you to make estate planning easy.