Trust Administration

I am looking forward to working with you as Trustee. In order to work with you efficiently and effectively, I want to explain how we bill for our services. Each Trust Administration is billed on an hourly basis--there is no easy way to 'guess' how long each one will take and I feel that hourly billing is the fairest way to proceed.

A typical administration includes the following:

  • Initial Trust Administration Meeting of up to 1.5 hours.
  • Preparation of required notices to trust beneficiaries and state and local agencies (including but not limited to Affidavit Death of Trustee; PCOR; Death of Real Property Owner; Lodging Will; Notice to Franchise Tax Board and DHS)
  • Preparation of Certification of Trust for Administrative Trust
  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID number for the Administrative trust.
  • Preparation of spreadsheet showing date of death value of all trust assets.
  • Preparation of receipts upon distribution or Allocation Memo for Sub-trust funding.
  • Trust administration process meetings of up to 1 hour/month.

Additional services might include

  • Transfer of property other than a primary residence.
  • Affidavit Change of Trustee & PCOR
  • Court Petitions
  • Small Estates Affidavits.
  • Hourly charges for any discussions with related third parties: (accountants, financial advisors, etc.) and review of LLC Agreements, irrevocable trusts, or any other document related to trust administration not drafted by this office.
  • Hourly charges for the administration of additional trusts in a decedent’s plan (CRT’s)
  • Hourly charges for accounting issues related to special assets such as a privately owned business or collectibles.
  • Hourly charges for communications with beneficiaries other than initial notice.
  • Obtaining a Federal Tax ID number for beneficiary trust to receive distribution of funds.
  • Preparation of Certification of Trust for beneficiary trust.
  • Preparing a beneficiary trust binder.
  • Third party fees incurred such as courier fees, recording fees, certified copy fees.

Hourly rates: $475/Liza W. Hanks; $200/Susie Granata