Make an Appointment

Please call my paralegal, Susie Granata, at (650) 237-7218, or emal her at to setup an appointment to meet with me. I limit the number of client that I will work with on a monthly basis to ensure that I can focus on each project. After your appointment is booked, we will ask you to fill out and return our client intake form so that we can prepare the necessary paperwork to get started.

I book the following kinds of appointments (if you don't see what you need, discuss this with Susie):

First Estate Planning Appointment: At this initial appointment, we will work together to outline an estate plan that meets your needs.  You will commit to a completion schedule and we will schedule all three appointments for the project.  We will discuss who should do the essential jobs in an plan: trustee, executor, guardians, and agents under a durable power of attorney; how your loved ones should inherit your assets, and what kind of tax planning is appropriate for your estate.

Draft Review Appointment: We will review your draft documents at this hour long meeting. We will discuss any remaining open issues and do our best to resolve them so that you can sign your documents soon after. I want to sit down with you so that I can be sure your questions are answered and that you understand how the trust and/or Wills actually work. 

Virtual Draft Review Appointment: If you can't make it in to my office for a face to face meeting, this can be scheduled as a Virtual Draft Review Appointment, via Zoom.

Estate Plan Signing Meeting: At this meeting we will be signing your estate plan and, if you have them, filling out any asset transfer forms that you bring in to transfer assets to your living trust. After the meeting, we will scan your documents and bind the originals into a folder, which you will pick up or have mailed to you later. We will also create a thumb drive with .pdf's of all your executed documents.

Estate Plan Tune Up Meeting: If I prepared an estate plan for you (or if you were a client of Tish Loeb) and now you want me to review your documents, or you want to update them, this is the right meeting for you. Please come to the meeting with copies of your documents and a list of the changes that you know you want to make. We will also discuss tax changes that might make you want to do further updates. This meeting is billed at my standard hourly rate of $425/hour or on a Flat Fee basis, and we will discuss this.

First Trust Administration Appointment: This appointment is for trustees who are administering a trust after someone has died.  At this is  initial meeting we will discuss the basic steps in a trust administration, your duties as trustee, and gather information about the decedent's assets. 

Probate Appointment: Choose this appointment if you are working with us to probate an estate. We might be meeting to file an initial petition for probate, or to work on the process as it progresses.

In Process Trust Administration Appointment: This appointment is for trustees who are administering a trust after someone has died.  At this  follow up meeting for Trustees that we are already representing, we will be discussing issues that have come during the administration or discussing the appropriate next steps for you as trustee.

Virtual In Process Trust Administration Appointment: This appointment is for trustees who can't make it into the office for an in process appointment.