Every Californian's Guide to Estate Planning

Every Californian's Guide to Estate PlanningPurchase Here

The weather is great here. Our houses keep going up in value (most of the time). Our property taxes only go up when someone new buys a house. Many of us live in non-traditional families. Some of us own assets in other countries, or have loved ones who live abroad. All of these things make living here interesting, but they can also make estate planning challenging.

That's why I wrote Every Californian's Guide to Estate Planning. There are other estate planning books out there, but none of them address our California specific issues: property taxes; capital gains; international assets; and non-traditional families. I wrote this book for busy people, not for other lawyers or accountants. I use real-world examples that are drawn from my many years of estate planning practice with all kinds of people, so you can benefit from what worked for them, and learn from what didn't.

Unless you are very wealthy (as in the top 1%), your estate plan doesn't need to be tax-focused or super complex. I hope that this book will help you sort out what you need to know to get your estate plan done or updated, whether you choose to do it yourself, or work with an attorney.

Ultimately, estate planning is about peace of mind --both for you and those you love the most. I hope this book helps you get motivated if you are stuck, or get started if you have been procrastinating. Most of all, I hope it answers your questions and empowers you to make a plan that reflects your wishes, gives you a sense of meaning, and communicates your values.